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Bob Kay

Handbuilding Tutor

Bob Kay jpeg.PNG

Bob’s art is influenced by everything he sees, from water meter covers to natural forms and patterns - especially flowers.  He loves using clay and the nature of hand-built pottery, which is often slow and meditative. Every hand-built piece of pottery, no matter how similar to another, has its own individual character. It also reflects the individual nature of its maker.

He has studied pottery with many excellent potters over the years and was involved in the public education program for the Fletcher Challenge Ceramics Awards. Over two visits, Bob re-established the pottery facilities at The Creative Centre in Rarotonga and taught the members.

Bob is very skilled and sells his work through craft shops, markets and exhibitions.  He loves to encourage individual creativity and has taught many people both young and old.  Bob has a wealth of knowledge in clay and sculpture ready for students to tap into.

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