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Nannie Mel

Handbuilding Tutor

Nannie Mel Fish.PNG

Nannie Mel is a multimedia artist who has dabbled in the world of creativity for as long as she can remember.  She started as a self-taught individual, driven by her passion to discover new ways of approaching her work.  Nannie Mel continued her artistic journey by attending university as an adult student.  There, she first gained a Certificate in Design and Visual Arts and then went on to complete a BDVA in Contemporary Craft.  Through this experience, Nannie Mel rediscovered her love for working with clay, leading her to focus primarily on ceramic sculpture, implementing mostly handbuilding techniques.

Nannie Mel has been working for over 10 years as an early childhood educator, working with children to explore their creativity through art making.  She says, "To teach and evoke a spark of passion and wonder in the eyes of our little ones is such a pleasure."

Nannie Mel is now excited to share her passion for clay with others and pass on her knowledge in a fun environment.

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